Products for refrigeration

At Kenfield we understand how important it is to maintain temperature-controlled storage at your facility, whether in a supermarket, warehouse or hospitality setting. Due to the temperature-sensitive contents of your cold storage facilities, it’s important the correct type of doors are utilised to ensure cold is kept in, without wasting energy or reducing staff efficiency. Kenfield manufactures and supplies a range of energy-saving door and strip curtains, perfect for walk-in freezers or cold storage. 

Configured to save energy in a high traffic commercial cold storage environment, our Insulated Strip Door Curtains can be installed in cold rooms, freezers and refrigerated vehicles. The curtains reduce warm air ingress, resulting in significant energy savings. 

Alternatively, our patented, award winning, K750 is a perfect solution to keep the cold in and therefore save energy when it’s not practical to keep opening and closing heavy coldroom doors. This is perfect for busy workspaces or businesses with frequent and large refrigerated deliveries where product temperature needs to be maintained. 

Utilising our signature Kenfield® durable configuration, our refrigeration solutions are manufactured to rigorous standards, allowing temperature control without compromising on high speed and efficiency.

Products for refrigeration

Products for Refrigeration

  • K2 Insulated Strip Door Curtain

    • Saves energy and reduces carbon footprint
    • No external frame
    • Light weight
    • Choice of colour
    • No finger trap
    • Sliding track option
  • K750 Energy Door

    • Saves energy and reduces carbon footprint
    • No external frame
    • Light weight and staff friendly
    • Reduces damage to cold rooms
    • No finger trap
    • Hinge guard
    • Manufactured from heavy duty PVC or Polyurethane material
    • Flexible panel
    • Easy installation using our optional Eco bracket

Our Expertise

Kenfield has a team of experts, experienced in configuration and development, manufacturing, product selection and making sure everything is delivered safely and cost effectively to our clients both locally and internationally. Accredited with ISO9001 for Quality Management and ISO14001 for Environmental Management, Kenfield deal with the requirements of some of the most well-known brands on the planet along with handling enquiries from literally thousands of small businesses, contractors and end users every year. We take pride in our work, take an individual approach to each of our customers needs and are grateful for the confidence our clients place in us.

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