Supplying crash doors and energy-saving door systems for supermarkets and retailers nationwide.

We understand how important it is to have robust, long-lasting doors that can withstand everyday use. Our K150 and K250 crash doors are perfect for busy commercial spaces. Made from either sturdy polyethylene or fibreglass, they are built to last. They can also be equipped with protective bumpers that cushion both the door and equipment pushing through, giving both an extended lifespan. Other customisation includes flush vision panels and protective seals. Available in a range of colours, they're ideal for connecting the loading bay to the shop floor in sight of customers.

Part of what makes our supermarket doors so long lasting is their dependable hinges. Made of stainless steel to prevent rust, they’ve been tried and testing in some of the largest supermarkets in the UK. As they’re suitable for a huge range of doors, we can even replace worn out hinges on doors you already use.

For supermarkets with cold storage we also provide a range of energy-saving door systems. This includes the K2 insulated strip door curtain and our award winning K750 Energy Door. Both work as secondary doors to keep the cold in when it’s inefficient to keep closing heavy-duty freezer doors. These are perfect for busy workplaces or large cold deliveries.

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Products for Supermarkets & Retail

  • K150 Polyethylene Food Hygiene Doors

    • Flush integrated vision panels
    • Galvanized or stainless steel hinges
    • Available with finger safe seals
    • Hygienic & food safe
    • High grade PE panel
    • Choice of protective bumpers
    • 100% recyclable
    • Low maintenance
  • K250 GRP Retail Swing Door

    • Optional Polypropylene bumpers
    • Finger safe seals
    • Choice of windows
    • High grade GRP panel
    • Available with anti-bacterial gel coat
    • Low maintenance
  • K2 Insulated Strip Door Curtain

    • Saves energy and reduces carbon footprint
    • No external frame
    • Light weight
    • Choice of colour
    • No finger trap
    • Sliding track option
  • K750 Energy Door

    • Saves energy and reduces carbon footprint
    • No external frame
    • Light weight and staff friendly
    • Reduces damage to cold rooms
    • No finger trap
    • Hinge guard
    • Manufactured from heavy duty PVC or Polyurethane material
    • Flexible panel
    • Easy installation using our optional Eco bracket

Our Expertise

Kenfield has a team of experts, experienced in configuration and development, manufacturing, product selection and making sure everything is delivered safely and cost effectively to our clients both locally and internationally. Accredited with ISO9001 for Quality Management and ISO14001 for Environmental Management, Kenfield deal with the requirements of some of the most well-known brands on the planet along with handling enquiries from literally thousands of small businesses, contractors and end users every year. We take pride in our work, take an individual approach to each of our customers needs and are grateful for the confidence our clients place in us.

Why choose Kenfield

  • Award Winning Products

    The best quality doors

  • Customisable Configurations

    For a wide range of applications

  • Expert Sales Team

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  • Dedicated to our Environment

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