Robust door solutions for industrial premises across the UK.

The demanding environments of warehouses and distribution centres present unique challenges for specialist doors. Our range of crash doors, particularly the K550, have been engineered to meet these needs. They’re both flexible and robust, meaning they can stand up to rigorous everyday use. Protective bumpers can also be added to increase durability, and cushion the vehicles or pallets moving through. This helps ensure goods flow smoothly to and from all areas of a facility.

A particularly hard-wearing feature on our crash doors are their dependable hinges. These have endured meticulous testing in some of the largest logistics centres in the UK and are fully repairable, with changeable springs for extra longevity. We’re also proud to report the K550 is fully UK manufactured.

Energy efficiency is another important factor for warehouses where goods are being moved in and out of buildings. In the summer months, this may not be an issue, but over the winter it’s important to provide safe and comfortable working environments. Our strip curtains provide an excellent solution for this, keeping heat in and cold out. Durable and low cost, they come in a range of grades for different applications.

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Products for Warehousing & Logistics

  • K550 Impact Crash Door

    • Flexible panels rubber/PVC
    • Galvanised steel/Stainless steel frame
    • Choice of panels
    • Ribbed protection bumpers
    • Adjustable tension
    • Floor & lintel or jamb mounting option
  • K250 GRP Retail Swing Door

    • Optional Polypropylene bumpers
    • Finger safe seals
    • Choice of windows
    • High grade GRP panel
    • Available with anti-bacterial gel coat
    • Low maintenance
  • K150 Polyethylene Food Hygiene Doors

    • Flush integrated vision panels
    • Galvanized or stainless steel hinges
    • Available with finger safe seals
    • Hygienic & food safe
    • High grade PE panel
    • Choice of protective bumpers
    • 100% recyclable
    • Low maintenance
  • K450 High Hygiene Food / Clean Room

    • High visibility
    • Galvanised or stainless steel hinges
    • Choice of bumpers
    • Food safe
    • High grade 8mm thick polycarbonate
    • Choice of seals

Our Expertise

Kenfield has a team of experts, experienced in configuration and development, manufacturing, product selection and making sure everything is delivered safely and cost effectively to our clients both locally and internationally. Accredited with ISO9001 for Quality Management and ISO14001 for Environmental Management, Kenfield deal with the requirements of some of the most well-known brands on the planet along with handling enquiries from literally thousands of small businesses, contractors and end users every year. We take pride in our work, take an individual approach to each of our customers needs and are grateful for the confidence our clients place in us.

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