You don’t need us to tell you how important selecting the right door is. We know it can be tricky to navigate the level of protection and security each door offers, so we’ve created this guide to help you make the right choice that’s fit for purpose. 

Our security doors come in two different varieties – SR and PAS. Our SR doors are certified to the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) LPS (Loss Prevention Standards) 1175 Security Ratings. The LPS 1175 certification is the leading security standard of choice for government-associated infrastructure in the UK. These standards have been created by the LPCB with expert input from the government, insurers and the police. 

SR Rated Doors

SR Rated Doors

Each of our security rated doors are manufactured and tested to the LPCB Loss Prevention standards. This ensures that they help to protect the safety of your staff and equipment on site from any would-be attackers. The higher the rating of the door, the higher the level of protection offered by the equipment, so it’s important to make the right choice to suit your security needs.



Our SR2 Doors are able to withstand a 3 minute attack from an assailant equipped with small hand held weapons such as claw hammers, hand drills, and junior hacksaws.

Suggested Business Use: Office Buildings & Small Shops with stock inventory of around a few thousand pounds. Leisure facilities, schools and universities as well as housing association communal areas.



Offering even more security, our SR3 doors must be able to endure an attack lasting 5 minutes, from an assailant armed with larger tools such as crowbars, hacksaws, and hammers, as well as items such as cordless drills and gas torches.

Suggested Business Use: Retail outlets, Cash rooms, warehouses and utility substations.



With the highest level of protection we offer, our Security Rated 4 Doors can resist attempts at forced entry from an experienced assailant for a duration of 10 minutes using tools such as cordless disc grinders, drills, and jigsaws, alongside manual tools such as sledgehammers and plate sheers.

Suggested Businesses: Schools, Ministry of Defence and Banks as well as other medium-high risk businesses & Home Office approved gun rooms. 

Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors

As well as doors specially configured to help prevent loss via theft, we also offer a selection of Fire rated security doors, which are tested to industry standards, ranging from FD40 through to FD240. Fire doors help by dividing the building into compartments, which helps to slow the spread of the fire and allows more time for occupants to escape. The different fire door ratings are tested in terms of how long they can withstand fire and flames. For example, an FD60 door is tested and rated to withstand fire for up to 60 minutes, an FD90 door for 90 minutes and so on. 

Fire Doors are a legal requirement in almost every kind of building across the UK which includes:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Buildings
  • Attractions
  • Flats
  • Loft and extensions in privately owned houses
  • Privately owned houses more than two storeys high 
Flood Rated Doors

Flood Rated Doors

In the UK, flooding is the most common disaster to affect homes and businesses. If you’re in an area of risk it’s vital that you consider Flood rated doors as part of your building or facility.

To ensure they meet the requirements of the PAS 1188 standard, our flood protection products must undergo rigorous testing by a certified third-party to ensure they’re of the highest quality. This will involve tests against various types of typical flood water flow, including static water, waves of up to 0.1m high and currents up to 1.0m/s. Then the results are rated as how many litres of water leaked per hour, per square metre. 

PAS Doors

PAS Doors

PAS 24 or an equivalent standard is now required to meet Building Regulations for new build properties. PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is a standard set by the industry to make sure that your item is hitting quality benchmarks for its durability, and effectiveness as a product. 

This means that all of our PAS 24 rated doors have been tested against:

  • Load (Someone trying to pry the door open)
  • Shock Resistance
  • Hard Impact (i.e. Battering Ram)
  • Manual Test of lock system
  • Weather Resistance (i.e. drafts & water resistance)

Our Expertise

Kenfield has a team of experts, experienced in configuration and development, manufacturing, product selection and making sure everything is delivered safely and cost effectively to our clients both locally and internationally. Accredited with ISO9001 for Quality Management and ISO14001 for Environmental Management, Kenfield deal with the requirements of some of the most well-known brands on the planet along with handling enquiries from literally thousands of small businesses, contractors and end users every year. We take pride in our work, take an individual approach to each of our customers needs and are grateful for the confidence our clients place in us.

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